Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy fourth on the fifth to everyone . I did the four on the fourth on Friday. Rolled out of bed later than I should have. I think the closer the races are to me the less I worry about getting there on time, which is not good. What can I say this race is known for heat and humidity. Friday it was humid but for some reason it was not as bad as usual. Out and back some would call this a simple course, there is no hills but at times you do feel like you are climbing, gentle rolling hills. This is one of those races you see everyone either on your way up or back. I hadn't even gotten to the 2 miles the turn around point and the leader was on his way back when I checked my watch it was only at 9:20 this guy was really fast he average 4:57 miles no wonder. I thought my watch was wrong.

I was ok with my time averaging 8:52, wasn't my best time for the course and wasn't my worst.

After the race I went home and did my training run. 9 was on the schedule I figured I would do just the additional miles my feet had a mind of its own and I ended the run with 9.3 miles. Might as well do them when I feel good.

This morning I went to Westport for the 2nd race in the Westport Summer Series 3.1miles. After yesterday I really wasn't expecting much. I've done back to back races before and was fairly happy with my time. I think the 9.3 miles after the race yesterday made a difference this time. I average 9:00 mins per mile. This is one of my favorite course in this series and I usually do well averaging about 8:30 miles. I'm not disappointed though yesterday was worth it.

I am worried that I might have overdone it today, after the race I went to the Y to finish my training run, 8 was on the schedule for today I did 6.4 miles on the treadmill at 9:40 pace . Then I bike for 30 min for a total of 6.3 miles I then stumbled over to the weights. Tomorrow I have to do 14 miles I hope I have the strength. Note: I do feel good right now :)

Week one 6/30/08
Saturday, 3.1 mi race/6.45 Treadmill/30mins. Bike/ weights=9.55 Tot.
Friday,4.03 race/ = 13.33Tot.
Thursday,4.75 Am
Wednesday,8.15mi AM 3.44 (some track), heavy lifting (Y) = 11:59 Tot.
Tuesday, 8.75 mi AM 2.17 mi PM (XC) = 10.92 total
Monday, 4.45 mi(rec/restday)
Sunday, 7.72mi (not ofcl. Tr )


Bob Gentile said...

Awesome Dawn, pace looks good to me on the back to backs... have a great long run and make sure you hydrate and bring ur water bottle!!

Christie said...

Wow, Dawn! Do you ever rest?

Anonymous said...

Which marathon training program do you use? Good job with your week. Your endurance is amazing.

Dusty said...

Great race reports! I thought your 4 mile was at a good clip. Just curious - if your workout says 9 miles, I would think you would figure in the 4, so that should leave you with 5... then do those on the slow end of your range - since you raced the first 4.. unless the workout was a tempo, then continue on at pace. Just what I think I would do - don't overtrain, you can have too much of a good thing... you train too much, Bob will take you on one of his Ultras!! HAHA!!

DawnB said...

thank you I was dead set on trying Pete Pfitzinger's plan again then decided against it plus I couldn't find my copy anywhere and it was time to start. So I decided to go with Runner World's smart coach I like the plan it incorporates speed work and tempo runs and I am looking at at least 4weeks over 70 miles. I'm going to try to stick with it the best I can.

DawnB said...

thanks Dusty I used the race as the 4 miles tempo I should have done on thursday and since its hard for me to do them alone I figured why not use the race. I really was planning on only doing the additional miles I needed but I felt good and decided why not. Like you I don't like spliting my runs. If the schedule says 8 I would like to do it in one clip. I felt good and went with it. I know I over did it this week though. I felt it this morning.

Dusty said...

tempos are hard to do alone! I hate to split them, but once I stop, I won't re-do... that could just be the laziness in me. lol!

CTmarathoner said...

Dawn, nice job on back-to-back races!!! You should be pleased with your pace on Saturday given the 9.3 miles your ran on the 4th!!