Saturday, September 08, 2007

Time to quit

Norwak Half 9/8/07

03-1:51:28 my PR in the half
02-2:05:47 my first half

hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!


Amanda said...

You completed yet another 1/2, what a great accomplishment! The time in which you finish is really only a small part of the experience.

Mir said...

If you enjoyed it, that's all that matters. You race so often that I'm surprised you can run so fast so consistently!

ReneeMc said...

Dawn, do I have to come out there and smack you? It's not time to quit! You're in a sophomore slump, that's all. It's just that you're a late-blooming sophomore. You're on the 8 year plan or something.

Neese said...

never, never, never give up!
You are awesome and continue to be! If you were to quit and looked back on those times you would be so damn impressed!! Keep on running, you inspire me!

Dusty said...

Great job on your race!! You'll be back under 2 before you know it. I'm way impressed with your 2:08.

You inspire me!!

DawnB said...

You guys are so right just want to thank you all at that moment I wrote what I was thinking. I'm so glad I have my bloging family!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Dawn - DON'T QUIT!! You are still awesome and still an inspiration. You are running a ton. Remember why you love it and why it is a part of you. Maybe a little change of pace, new race, take on a mentee (pick me, pick me).

Just trying to make you smile. Get out your Bingham if this didn't help.

Bob Gentile said...

Quit?!! whatever Dawn we will let you slide on this post ONLY because we love you and we know how much you love running...

now if u really want to increase ur times, u may have to slow up on ur miles... take a step back to speed up, rest that body a little bit & increase some speed work...but it depends on how important that is to you?! faster times?

I think ur times are great and if you ENJOY doing all those races and seeing all those smiling faces then do what ur doing!..


ReneeMc said...

Seriously, Dawn, listen to Bob! I was thinking about this last night. You may have reached a point of diminishing returns with your mileage.

But, here's the kicker: If you love running the mileage, who gives a darn about the speed! I've really enjoyed increasing my mileage and my speed's not really that impressive. For some of us it's the miles that keep us sane, you know?

That being said, I am glad you are feeling better. You scared me for a sec!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You can't quit...all those race directors need to feed their families.

Seriously, I agree with Bob and Renee. You kind of have to make a choice between being fast, by doing fewer miles, fewer races and more speedwork or doing a lot of races and high mileage. I'm not sure that anyone can do both. That's why world-class marathon runners only do two or three races each year.

I'm sure you will figure it out. Just have fun either way.