Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hi there

 I’m glad I found my blog again. With this year full of uncertainties I have managed to dig really deep and keep going with my passion of doing what I love to do, run. I feel so blessed to have this passion. 

I don’t believe I’ve missed many running days. I did the Waveny Summer XC Series which was basically the only real racing anywhere. Thankful to the RD Jim, who was very persistent in getting it approved by the town. We had something to look forward to weekly from May to the first week of September.

I kept myself involved by doing as many of the same races I do every year virtually. That means I kept up with the Norwalk and Westport Summer series as well and a few more races and challenges .

My Saturday running group the Joggers Club kept going through the summer since the Series were cancelled. I was grateful as I had an activity to attend every Saturday which helped with a lot of the Virtual racing I was doing. I will continue until we are back to some normalcy hopefully in the near future.

I’ve just recently started doing track work again  with The Los Runners. I had my second session today it was tough a lot harder than my first. I really want to be consistent with this as I still have goals. 

I am still working from home and I just registered for a very important certification exam which I know will take away from my running in the coming weeks. I am in a 2020 in 2020 challenge but confident I will get it done as currently at about 1865 miles for the year.

Will be back soon to make another entry till then stay safe and well.

Monday, August 17, 2020


 I can not believe it’s been 2 years. I believe Facebook have taken over and now Strava. I am still running never gave up. I run every day as usual and I’m still struggling to get back on track. I am feeling stronger everyday. KMF (Keep Moving Forward ) is my mantra and this always get me through the tough times. 

I’ve been embracing this virtual racing to keep me motivated and to support the many races and causes I’ve come to love over the years.

Today I did the Norwalk 9 miler (virtual) in the rain ☔️ felt great as we would normally have sweltering weather. I completed the distance plus 1 mile . 

My times have declined over the last 5 years but haven’t let it stopped me from my passion. I’m still a mile packer.

Well that’s all for now. I hope to be back soon. God Bless and be safe.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Still Here

Hello, I have been missing in action for some time now.  I'm still fighting the struggle. Happy to say still at it, and always keep moving forward.  I can't imagine a life without running. I run most every day. I love to log the miles. I do doubles to get the miles in most days.

Not training for anything in particular, just everyday steady running and the usual racing. I know this is probably the wrong way to go about it, but this how I keep me keep moving forward. On any given day I know I'm able to complete any distance up to a marathon. The results may not be my best but I have the satisfaction of having completed the event. This of course may not be the case for everyone,  "Why race if you are not going to do your best"? I race even when I'm not at my best because I love the excitement of race day, I love looking forward to doing  races on the weekends, a community coming together and I know on that particular day I did my best the results may not be my best but I'm ok with it .    

I am working hard on getting back on track because I know I will as long I keep moving forward.

Happy Running 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wow, 6 months since my last post, time just slips away with the  blink of an eye.  I am starting to feel myself again. Trying to lose the weight gained during my lost self, lol. Very difficult this time around but slowly I'm starting to see some changes.

My running is also starting to feel good again although I've never stopped through the difficult times, I kept moving forward.

Today I did the Lightfoot Running Club, Norwalk 7 miler. This may be my 14th year doing this race. Had my peaks, lows, and now rebound years. I love running in this area of Norwalk.  Although 99% humidity I felt strong.  My lowest point during the race was mile 6, this was my slowest mile.
I believe the best part about this race today was the familiarity and the love of running in this area. Each year I vow to do new races and new towns but there are races you can't  can give up because you've done them for so many years you feel such a commitment to be there each and every year. I hope I'm back before another 6 months pass.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Boston Buildup 15k

I did my morning run on Friday with dismay and lots of walking.  I wasn't feeling it at all but I completed 6.5 miles. I had been running none stop since the 10k last Sunday, all on the treadmill. I was very concerned that maybe I was doing too much treadmill running.  Saturday a beautiful nonseasonal day I went out for a few miles maximum 5 miles, this turned into 9.84 miles. Today I arrived at the race a little apprehensive, I had no idea how I was going to do. This course is very hilly and although the weather was better than expected part of the course is a horse trail and very muddy from rain the night before. I wondered how I had ever done this in the past and did well, but I  finished no worst than I've done the last few years and I'm ok with that.
by Tony Trujillo

by Tom Renner

by Tom Renner

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The 39th Annual Boston Buildup Winter Series 2017 10k

My first race of 2017 this morning at 10:00am  and I am still feeling awesome.  It felt so good being out and in a race. I haven't raced since my Thanksgiving day 10k. I just could not get myself out to do any at all in December. I cared nothing about my pace, I just wanted to run.  The course is the same course that I've run for the last 13 years but today it felt different.  I usually don't remember a course until I run them again but today I felt part of the course changed. I was told  the  course did not change and I am only noticing it now because I am running much more leisurely now, lol. Today none of that mattered and I felt great after the race with lots of energy.

What  a wonderful day after the prior nights  snow and rain. We still had to use some caution on the roads although it  may have seemed I was the only one taking this caution thing into consideration!. I run with some really fast people.

The 10k course starts out fairly flat for the first 2.5 miles,  it is the middle miles that gets you every time then the last hill about 1 mile to the end. 

The miles that I have put in so for in 2017 are mostly treadmill runs and not many at that which is very unusual for me.  I am having a very slow start this year.   

The best part of your 1st race of the year is when you see people you haven't seen in a long time.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Old Post Shared on FB

I came across an old post I posted on FB in 2012, this is what got back here today.  I really do hope to come back here more often. Life is still very busy for me as usual.  My miles have drastically dropped from what it use to be.  I'm am still racing a lot and I don't believe that will change no matter how much slower I am now.   I struggled through the 2016 challenged and made it! I am going for the 2017 challenged this year, this is really to keep me focus and keep going.

This week was an unusually rough start of the New Year for me.  Did not get much done in regards to my working out .  I will have my first race of 2017 tomorrow, the weather is not looking great.  I will be sharing my race experiences again.  Wishing all of you a happy healthy new year!

Hi there

 I’m glad I found my blog again. With this year full of uncertainties I have managed to dig really deep and keep going with my passion of do...