Sunday, July 06, 2008

As suspected, I over did it this week and my 14 miler turned into 11.02. I had to turn off my pace alert because it was constantly beeping for me to speed up, my pace alert is set at 10:30 pace ... need I say more. Hot and humid and a few hills that I should not included in the run today. What kept me moving to complete 11 of the 14 I visualized Bob's post it note with huge letters MF I kept repeating that but it was a whole 40 mins before I remembered that MF stands for Move Forward not the unspeakable words I was thinking for 40 mins. Thanks Bob, you kept me honest.

My first week of training is complete. I'm pretty happy about it. I will try to control myself next week and not go overboard thanks Dusty . Monday's are my rest day I'm going to stick to it Christie yes rest is on the schedule. I can't help it I'm a raceaholic and I will continue to race.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and have an even better week

Week one 6/30/08 Total:65.61miles

Sunday: 11.02 miles
Saturday, 3.1 mi race/6.45 Treadmill/30mins. Bike/ weights=9.55 Tot.
Friday,4.03 race/ = 13.33Tot.
Thursday,4.75 Am
Wednesday,8.15mi AM 3.44 (some track), heavy lifting (Y) = 11:59 Tot.
Tuesday, 8.75 mi AM 2.17 mi PM (XC) = 10.92 total
Monday, 4.45 mi(rec/restday)
Sunday, 7.72mi (not ofcl. Tr )

P.S. I answered a couple of questions on my previous post


Sunshine said...

Wishing you a good rest day tomorrow!! That's important to do.

peter said...

I am so glad to know what MF means now. I feared the worst. Too funny. Thanks for your comment.

Just12Finish said...

Move Forward LOL!

I sometimes, ok often, want to turn off my alerts too, but it's because it wants me to slow down!! It tells me my heart rate is too high :-(