Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On the Day of my last post Feb 19th, I did 16 miles because I wanted to be sure I could do sixteen miles before my 25k on Sunday. The next day I did 4.4 miles of recovery run. Thursday I did 6.01 miles and Friday we finally got alot of snow, I did not go out. I was planning on going to the gym on Saturday to put in a MLR on the treadmill, but I received a call from my sister. She needed me to take her to the emergency room. She was having back problems, I was there until about noon. When we left there it was to get my mom from the care center. She gets to come home on the weekends. My day was shot.

Sunday the 24th I went out but only got in about 4.5, I was tired and overslept and I had promised mom I would take her to church. Monday the 25th I got in 5 miles another 5 on Tuesday. Today I did a whopping 6.01 miles.

Everyone knows what a mile packer I am so this is killing me. My mom is starting to have more movement in her arm and is making wonderful progress with her Therapy. I pray everyday that she continues with her recovery.

Sunday I am doing the Boston Buildup 25k, it's the toughest course in the series. My first marathon of the year is April 6th. Maybe somehow for the month of March when I should be tapering I can focus more on me. Regardless, I am still running the More marathon, This will be my 5th More.

Feb 19th- 16.01 miles
Feb 20 -4.4
Feb 21-6.01
Feb 22-0.00
Feb 23-0.00
Feb 24-4.5
Feb 25 5.0
Feb 26 5.0
Feb 27 6.01


Sunshine said...

How exciting to do the MORE.. and your fifth!!!
Sorry about your sister.
Good luck, Good Runner.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yes, you are a mile packer and that is okay, but sometimes life happens, and that is okay too. Your sis and your mom needed you. The miles will be there. Take care.

bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

As usual, I am totally impressed with your miles and your dedication to your training. You are one of the few people with a truly "just get out there and do it" attitude. I know it is a bummer when a dedicated runner like you has life get in the way, but it all works out in the end.

Best of luck on your 25k. You are certainly ready and I will look forward to your post race report.

Dusty said...

I'm not so sure I could do 16 miles!! hee hee! I tuckered out at 9.25 last weekend!!

Good luck at More! I remember your race report from last year!

Sunshine said...

Best wishes for your Mom!

robtherunner said...

I hope the race went well and your mom is doing better also.

peter said...

I'm with Nancy and Bill that life intrudes sometimes, and Nancy nailed it with, the miles will always be there. A mile packer. I like that, and that you certainly are.

Maurice said...

Great job on the 25k. Sub 10:00/mi pace. Over more than a half marathon. Your training is paying off. I'll be doing a 25k this coming Saturday. It's great reading your blog.

Just12Finish said...

Good luck with your mom's recovery.