Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My run today went well. The knee that I fell on was ok, it was my other leg that was the issue and I was surprise. I was stiff from my knee up. After about two miles it loosen up a bit and I felt much better. I did go to speed work tonight and was stiff again but after the 2.5 miles warm up I felt good and the stiffness was gone. Honestly I did not do much at track work out. Next week I hope to have a better week.

Week one 6/30/08
Wednesday,8.15mi AM 3.44 (some track), heavy lifting (Y)
Tuesday, 8.75 mi AM 2.17 mi PM (XC)
Monday, 4.45 mi(rec/restday)
Sunday, 7.72mi (not ofcl. Tr )


Just_because_today said...

from experience not all workouts are good. Pains and aches seem to be a norm in the life of a runner, don't they?
Good luck on your training

robtherunner said...

I have been focused on getting in my quality workouts, but I have already given up on following a plan. I guess I am just not a plan follower. You'll get that track back next week, or maybe sooner.

CTmarathoner said...

Dawn ---sorry to hear about your fall at waveny --everyone falls sometime or another! Kathy K. had a horrible fal last year -it can make you stiff. Hope you had a fun 4th of July race.
See you at waveny, maybe, next tues.

peter said...

Careful out there! Sorry to hear you fell but glad you're working through the aftermath.