Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I ran this morning, went on the little trail behind the maritime center. I'm running the run for education there on Sunday,3 miles. I only discovered this place because of the race last year. Not a very long trail but the view is beautiful. I did 4.5 miles I was really stiff but I push through it. I don't think I'm a morning person any longer, its taking me longer and longer to get out the door. I remember when I use to get out by the crack of dawn. I'm feeling much better in the pm when I run, but I don't want to be a pm person :( , I only want my pm runs to be an added treat.

Today I got out of the office again and walked about 1.5 miles, today was much cooler . I was walking around a pond and there were these baby ducks they were so cute. I tried to use my cell phone to take a picture , by the time I figured that out they were gone.:(

I met with the running group, yes its Wednesday again. We did a warm up through Waveny, about 3 miles.. Then we did the track stuff. work out for tonight was 800 then 2 X400 up to 3 miles. I started out with the 800 then 2X400, then I did 4 X 200 with someone not doing the full work out. After that I did another 800 and the 2X400 this was way too much for me and I was feeling it. I tried to do another 800 but it became a slow jog. In between the 800 and the 400 I took a quarter break. In between the 400's I took a 200 break. between the 200's I think we took 200's as well. I ended the evening with about 6.46 miles.

This week I'm thankful my runs are going well.
Wednesday: 4.5 miles AM w/Gym time
6.46 miles PM w/track time

Tuesday: 30mins gym time AM
7.82 Miles PM

Monday: 5 miles race
Sunday: 3.1 miles (5K race)
Saturday: 3.1miles(5k race) 4 miles eliptical, 4 miles treadmill, weights(heavy)


Anonymous said...
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Just_because_today said...

I enjoy running in the morning but we are habit creatures, if I always ran at night, I would like running at night. Lately I have been running at lunch time, my job allows it and it gives me something to do so I do it, beats sitting around doing nothing.
I haven't done speed in a few weeks since I was training for Vermont marathon and I just did it last Sunday. I am in recov mode. I enjoy your blog so I will be a frequent visitor.

Dusty said...

Wow, you ran hard - hope you aren't sore!

Sunshine said...

Getting all the training in busy lives! Changing seasons also affects the rhythm of days.
July/August Running Times.. which we received yesterday.. has an article "Double Your Pleasure, Two-a-days could be our marathon secret weapon." The author decribes a 30-45 minute second run... a couple of days a week. I have to think about this some more!! Keep up the great running!