Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm Glad

That today was a recovery day and I didn't have to prove how brave I was this morning. Will it be better tomorrow? I doubt it...another deep freeze is in store for the east coast.

onward to the sixth week:
Monday-Rest or CX Autual- Rested
Tuesday-6mi AM 4mi pm
Wednesday-11mi w/5X1200m
5k race pace jog 2 1/2 min between
Thursday-15mi MLR
Saturday-6mi rec
Sunday: 16m w/12mi mp

Happy running to all


Bob Gentile said...

BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR please be careful Dawn, it's TOOOO COLD up there. I spoke with my younger brother who lives in NJ, called my on my Cell "he said it dropped quick and got really COLDDDDDDDDDDDD up here today!!

I said "OH, wait one second I am toweling myself from just getting out of the POOL, umm what did U say Bro?---lolol OH it's cold there--haha"

sorry but ya know I have to bust his chops a little bit that's what brothers do :-)

SO please be careful Dawn and if your good and don't get to foolish in the cold I won't TAG you anymore--LOL

Good Night,


olga said...

You have awesome weeks! And I am totally in for #5!!! No wonder my husband is jealous:)

Phil said...

See you were out racing today. How about a race report? Looks like you had a nice pace. How did it feel?