Sunday, February 04, 2007

Training Updated and six weird things?

Lets just say towards the middle-endof week my heart wasn't into so I did the best I could. I goofed off and this goofed off week will of course be my excuse :(

5th week results
Monday:Rest or X train Actual: I rested
Tuesday: 8mi w/10X100M strides:ACTUAL-9.01miles,10X100 pace 9:51
Wednesday: 15M MLR ACTUAL: 12M@ 10:39PACE
Thursday:5 miles REC ACTUAL: 7.01 @10:39
Friday:AM 11 w/6@15K 4miPM: Actual 4.5 @11:34
Saturday: 5 mi REC 7mi w/6X100: Actual 10.82 W7.41@9.27pace
Sunday: 20 mi LR ACTUAL: 20.05 @11:45

I did managed 63.5 miles should have completed 70 for the week

Saturday run I went out it was very icy. I fell and at that point I came home and went to the Y. So I did 3.4 miles outside 7.40 indoors at the Y on the treadmill.
hence the7.41mi @9.27 pace

Don't ask me how I made it through today's long run of 20 miles winds was 15-20mi
and temps. 14F(-14C) very icy. It took me 1hr to head out the door walked out twice on the 3rd time I went for it.

Weird things: I was tagged by Bob don't want to let him down:
1. I never get bent out of shape because I'm never tagged
2. I sometimes waste great days such as Friday morning only to run horrible rigid days like today.
3. I feel guilty when I run and I should have gone to church. I say prayers and ask God to forgive me through the whole run.
4. I have very few friends but I'm OK with that.
5. I want to tell non runners that running is like having great S_X everyday but they just wouldn't understand.
6. I can't believe I just type number 5


Neese said...

lol re: #5.
and you may have few friends but you have lots of "peeps" on your blog list that adore you! :)

Phil said...

Hey ... you've got lots of friends.

The Pfitz 70+ MPW is tough; however, it isn't all about the miles. You need the rest on the rest days and the recovery on the recovery days. I'd suggest that you don't try to add miles to your recovery runs to make up from miles missed on the longer runs. This is counter productive. You might want to take a look at the 55 MPW schedules to get a sense of where you're at when you run a 12 mile Medium Long run instead of the 15 in your schedule. You might not feel as bad.

Thomas said...

You're doing well, Dawn, Congratulations on the 20 miler.

Thanks for your recent comments. Next time you don't have to hesitate 3 times before writing something. I do appreciate your comments.

Bob Gentile said...

5. I want to tell non runners that running is like having great S_X everyday but they just wouldn't understand.....LOLOL well umm I do last longer running then ummm .......(oops did I say that out loud, geesh)

Thanks Dawn you WEIRDO for playing along :-)... you are very NORMAL my Friend!

PS:Friggin WORD verification GRRRR this is my third try (sigh))))

robtherunner said...

I think you're very far from weird Dawn. I think God smiles when you are out running and also when you are praying for forgiveness. I know what you mean on that one.

You have friends here. Good luck with the high mileage. I envy you.