Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I came on this morning with very little to write, just wanted to say, I truly believe, I have lost my way. I am trying desperately to find my way back because without you I have no passion. I can't loose my passion. God please help me to find my way back: Then I read this Races Like a Girl she helped me to see that I only loose when I give up. I am grateful for your gift God thank you, with you by my side always, this too shall pass.

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peter said...

Hang in there Dawn! It's tough when we don't have a running anchor. I just finished watching the policeman's memorial march here in DC (for Police Week) that ends up at the Peace Officer Memorial here. The Detroit PD car went by, commemorating an officer they lost (end of watch, EOW 5/3/10) on May 3d.