Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Leatherman's Blessing

To help enhance your experience, today to appreciate the beauty all around you here is a simple meditation/mantra adapted from the Navajo and Irish traditions. Say it as you run, it will give strength to your legs and courage to your heart.

Beauty before me as I run
Beauty behind me as I run
Beauty below me as I run
Beauty above me as I run
Beauty beside me as I run
Beauty within me as I run.
I see beauty all around.

In beauty may we walk.
In beauty may we see.
In beauty may we all be.

What a wonderful time to bring this out again: The Leatherman's Blessing


Anonymous said...

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Just_because_today said...

and I thought you were going to give us the 10 items on David Letterman's list.
Good mantra!

Black Knight said...

I don't know Navajo traditions except what I read on the books, but I had the possibility to visit Ireland. I think they are 2 great people.