Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Night of the Mill

I actually rested on Monday, did nothing. I woke up today wanting to go out and run, I wasted an hour before I got out the door. When I finally got out I went up the road about .25 of a mile and decided no, not this morning I'm not feeling it, I went back inside and did not sulk, my body told me to take it easy and when my body talks I listen, well most of the time :)

I came home from work, cooked dinner, lazy around for an hour or so before I decided it is time to go to the gym and say hello to the dreadmill. I know it will be waiting, I'm never worried about anyone taking my favorite one because there is very few that would run 8 to 9 miles at 8:05pm.

I was surprised I felt fresh on the treadmill and even more surprise that I completed 8.21 miles. Look what time it is and I still have dishes to do.

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