Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I went in feeling really frustrated, what a long day it has been. Demands placed on me today were a little more than I could handle. I wanted to run away and hide but I decided a run would be the best medicine. As I entered the door I was relieve to see that it was free I immediately gravitated towards it, "you my dear will be my friend tonight". I was looking forward to emptying my mind and concentrating on me. I thought about the last 24 hours, please forgive me for I can't be all things to all, I am just one person who find it hard to say no 99% of the time. I hate saying no so I hide. I feel bad that you had to be the 1% I said no to. As I thought about this I drifted of in my run, it felt good. For a short period I had company which was nice. I enjoyed the time we had together. She finish but I had to push on for I knew my mind needed more cleansing, back in the ear the earphones went and again I drifted off, it came to an end too soon, the machine was slowing down, thank you I said, tonight is exactly what I needed.

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Morrissey said...

hey dawn - you have no email address hence this will do. to answer your blog post on my blog I really have no secretes to my training. I doubt im genetically gifted either. I think the key is consistent training and build-up of races. I tend to perform better if I race more before a marathon. Basically Im a huge headcase and I need a lot of races to stay mentally tough. In addition, Im a huge proponent for treadmill running. I really don't care what other running snobs say, but I ran my best marathons simply by training on treadmills (long runs as well) with 2-3 races beforehand.

My typical training schedule is:
Sunday - Rest or Race
Monday - 8Miles (tempo - 6:57 pace)
Tuesday - 8Miles (tempo - 6:57 pace)
Wednesday - 10 Miles (tempo 7:03 pace)
Thursday - 8 Miles (tempo 6:57 pace)
Friday - 12 miles (7:08 pace)
Saturday - Rest
Total Mileage - 46 Miles.

Sometimes for the tempo runs, i would substitute it with a speed/interval workout to relieve boredom. The key here for me is to be consistent with the mileage 40-55 (spike if Im doing a 15-17 mile long run on the treadmill). In addition, tempo runs are most key for me. I never do easy runs, if i do to them, I would only do them for 2 miles MAX and do not count them on my mileage.

I also gym for at least 4-5 times a week for strength training with weights and etc etc.

Other than that, just a positive attitude in which all the work will pay off in the end, and lots of gatorade for hydration.

I hope this helps Dawn!!!!