Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Goes On after the 25K

My mind ran wild struggling to finish. The things I told myself helped me none. I humbled myself to believe I have lost my competitive edge; I no longer have mojo, no urgency, no more butterflies. Today I humbly accepted the fact that I am only a recreational runner and will run for the sheer pleasure of moving forward.
My week went well, I got out one night and did 9 miles, I felt good. I went out on Saturday, yes, yesterday the day before today the day before the 25K with my only intentions of doing 5 miles but it was such a gorgeous day I continued on and almost completed an 11 miler. I know that this would in no way bother my run today as I was moving at a snails pace and I emerged myself in the sheer joy of being out and soaked up all the sunshine and wishing that today was race day.

I was able to have a pretty good week mileage wise and happy to see that I could still do double digits two days in a row. I am looking forward to another week and hoping to get out more.

Oh no, I almost forgot, I can't say that running on the treadmill have completely ruin my running, I don't think it helps me much but I am grateful I have something to keep me going. I did not totally die out there in fact I felt good. Happy running:)

another week done:

2/28/2010Run: 15.75 Mi
2/27/2010Run: 10.44 Mi
2/26/2010Run: 9.4 Mi
2/25/2010Run: 7.02 Mi
2/24/2010Run: 8.27 Mi
2/23/2010Run: 7.37 Mi
2/22/2010Run: 6 Mi

Happy running


Christie said...

I'm glad the lack of mojo hasn't stopped you from running. You put in a lot of miles. How do you find the time?

You know what? I actually had a dream last week that we ran a half together. I think it was a trail race too.

Just_because_today said...

I feel that way now. I dont race anymore but I am happy running