Saturday, January 23, 2010

I changed my alarm clock last Saturday to be up by 7:00 on Sunday morning. All this week except for Monday, I somehow had forgotten I had done this. So all week I kept thinking I was sleeping through my alarm, on Friday I just happen to be up at the time the alarm should have gone off, 5:00, no alarm. I checked the alarm and it was set for 7:00. Why did it never occurred to me to check the damn alarm? So sadly I spent a few more hours on the treadmill than I would have liked this week, Yuk.

I had a good week and I’m glad we had mild weather this week although much of my runs were on the mill I got out a few times. I did get out Friday morning when I discovered my error. And again that night because I got home just before dark, any way here is what my week look like, I still have Sunday.

My latest workouts
1/23/2010Run: 7.47 Mi
1/22/2010Run: 8.47 Mi
1/21/2010Run: 8.45 Mi
1/20/2010Run: 3.45 Mi
1/19/2010Run: 7.2 Mi
1/18/2010Run: 8.02 Mi

Still not sure what I will do on Sunday, this will depend on what time I get out of the bed. I am hoping to get it done before church and if not then after church and if today is any indication of what tomorrow will be weather wise then I am looking forward to getting out.


Just_because_today said...

wow you run long every day Dawn!!!
are you running Celebrate Life?

OkieStatePoke said...

Great week of running! Just pulled up your Maniacs profile too. I hope I can be a Maniac someday too!

Sunshine said...

Nice recovery from the alarm clock glitch!!
You are spectacular, Runner!

Daniel said...

Seems you intend to set a new personal best at your next running event. I am running 4 times a week now and find that to be more than sufficient to complete my next marathon in April.

Please be careful not to get injured from over-training. Have a look at this link marathon running guide for helpful advise on running. Maybe you can add a link on your page for future references.

All the best on your future running efforts!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

peter said...

Nice distances on your workouts!