Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Day

Today I took advantage of a gorgeous day as I’m sure most did. I did a race yesterday not just any race the very hilly Boston Buildup 15K that took the better of me, but I would not allow yesterday to take away from today; another day to start again.

I went out late afternoon; the morning was spent gathering things my son would need to make his way back to school. We load his car and said our good byes, God it never get easier, a thousand things that could go wrong went through my head. I said a blessing as he drove off, I know He is there with him and always will be. He will guide him in the right direction.

After pondering for bit I finally decided the only way to keep my mind off his drive was to go out for a run and that I did. I did 8 miles and felt it the whole way, although on many of the hills from yesterday I walked, I felt very stiff today. The miles were very slow, slower than usual but one by one they added up to 8. I walked .40 miles to stretch the legs out. Most people would not run the paces I run they would rather walk or not run at all. This is my reality and I so enjoy these slow easy runs and look forward to the next time out.

When I got home I checked the phone; the call came he was at his apartment (thank you God). I called him, we spoke for bit, and I am sure he senses the happiness in my voice. I wished him a good day of classes tomorrow.

Happy Running


On The Road... said...

Glad he made it safely. I too worry about every dangerous thing that can happen to my loved ones -- I'm also an ER doctor so.. my kid is either gonna be King of Safety or rebel and become a daredevil.

Just_because_today said...

Funny how our world stops while we wait for a sign that our children our okay. And thank God for our running to help us cope while we wait

Mark said...

Dawn, I can so identify with you on how you feel about your son traveling back to school. Recently my son's car blew up on the way back, he's okay but the engine isn't!