Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lost Time

My only regret today: I went out too late to run and being as slow as I am there just was not enough time for me to run more. Totally my fault, I was up before 7:00 but some how I managed to waste two hours before I headed out the door.
I have discovered over the years that you can't base how you are going to run today on your last run. Yesterday I could not wait until I was finish. Today I wanted to run on forever, hence 30 mins late for church.
Happy Running, have a great week


On The Road... said...

That's great that you felt so great to keep going. I can't wait to feel that way. Between you and me, I think God understands ;-).

Just_because_today said...

you are so right, one run has nothing to do with the other. One can be awful and the next glorious.

And what's up with time? I woke up at 5 on Sat and ended up running at 11!!!

Black Knight said...

I agree, we use to say: "Every run has its own history".

crystal rhyno said...

Hey Dawn! I stumbled upon your blog and it gives me motivation. Thanks, Crystal

Da Weekend Warrior said...

I am officially "following" your blog. I did not realize how much you ran!!!!! If only I had the discipline. But by summer, I will be a "maniac" also... I got 2 more marathons in 2 months... Thanks for the encouragement.!/preston411?ref=profile