Sunday, August 23, 2009

I had to write about this race because the last time I ran the course was 2003. I remembered how great I felt running this course. 1:13 was one of my best times during the series that year. I never ran it again because I also do the Lightfoot summer series. I do Westport’s only on the Saturdays' Norwalk is not running. Somehow the Saturdays never alternated so I was able to run the course again.

The weather wasn't great to begin with. There was a drizzle in the morning which I welcomed. The humidity was awful.

You know this is a challenging course when within a mile you are on a very challenging hill and just as you think you get a break here comes another hill. Hill after hill, I wondered when will it end. I walked so many times and I kept thinking how the heck did I run it so well before. I do remember a couple of down hills, what really got me was the two hills within a mile to the end, that was the killer. I got a second wind from mile 7 to 8; I do remember sprinting to the finish that may have been my fastest mile the whole race.

I felt really good when it was over, I was exactly one minute slower per mile than when I did it in 2003 but I felt strong, this mattered the most.

I stunk up my long run today, wanted to do 20 ended with 18 and I walk ran the last two. I think maybe adding 6 miles on the trail got me or maybe it was the humidity again. I just did not have the grit I needed to get through it. Well I have a new week to start and I should be in bed,but here I am in front of the computer.

Have a great week :)


Mark said...

Great job on the race. Have a great week!

Running CT said...

Good Job!
You're doing great!

peter said...

Way to get therace done, in dreadful conditions. What an odd distance for a race though. Did they just try to include every hill in the area?

Just_because_today said...

Dawn, you are describing my runs and races lately. I too am a mins slower and taking walks that sometimes I wonder if I am running at all. Heck, girl, you know we'll get it back (or at least we hope)

Black Knight said...

You did it! Congrats. A new week of training is waiting for you.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Listen to your body – Sounds like you’re in need for a rest day or two. I feel guilty when I take a couple of rest days, but always thankful after when my performance jumps a notch. The humidity is a killer also! On humid days I back down my pace or pay the price. Keep up the good work.