Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on Training

Time for a update, the last few weeks have been very busy, with getting the boys back to school. Now that we are back to school,my mileage have gone down . I should be waking up earlier and getting out the door but its just not happening. I am glad I was able to train diligently June, July and August. My training is going well and now that I've added weight training back in the mix, I am seeing improvements once again in my race times and that is a good thing. I am feeling allot stronger and feeling more and more confident that a BQ is possible :). My training runs are still slower than I would like but I am seeing improvements in my race times. I don't have much time, haven't even showered yet for work and I have to be there @8:30.

Last update:
6/15: 60.02 miles
6/22: 50.5 miles
6/29: 69.9 miles
7/06 : 50.1 miles
7/13: 46.4 miles
7/20: 75:4 miles
7/27: 71.2 miles
8/03: 57.40 mile

Since Last Update:
8/10: 63.2 miles
8/17: 55.3 miles
8/24: 59.0 miles
8/31: 49.9 Miles
9/7 :55.0 miles

Total long runs of 18& more miles = 8

Happy Running


Mark said...

Wow!!! Awesome mileage-and the number of long runs is great! I hope you will BQ!!

Gail said...

Remember why we run:

Just_because_today said...

Dawn, you are doing great!!! I know the feeling of wanting to get up early and...I have been trying that for months and it ain't happening.
Your mileage is impressive!

Sunshine said...

Adding weight training: excellent. My resolutions are still a little better than my performance on that.
Congratulations on it all.

Michelle said...

Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to say hello and say how great you are doing!!!! Hope all is going well for you in your training!!!

Bob - said...

NYC marathon is coming soon, Keep focused You are going to Have a BLAST Dawn!!

Snowbrush said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Yes, I should think that fall might be the best season of all for running, all that cool air but without all those pesky pollens.