Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I really should be in bed, its no wonder I can't get out the door before 6:00AM. I need to with these longer runs!!. I had a nice run this morning. I've been taking my water bottle with me . Although no amount of water could have help on Sunday, today felt good and my 8.75 miles went well. tonight at XC I had a fall. Haven't had one of those in a while. I hope I'm not too sore in the morning, its another 9 miler. quick one I'm off to bed I hope.

Week one 6/30/08

Tuesday, 8.75 mi AM 2.17 mi PM (XC)
Monday, 4.45 mi(rec/restday)
Sunday, 7.72mi (not ofcl. Tr )


Dusty said...

Wow, hope you are doing okay this morning and not too achy.

Love2Run said...

But you're still getting out the door in the morning, plan or no plan. Nice to see those 2 (count em 2)marathons coming up for you!

Christie said...

How did you make out? I hope you weren't sore this morning.