Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I was really good about resting on Monday. My run this morning was ok not great. Got out the door late as usual and only managed seven, made it up tonight at the XC with the 2 man 6 mile relay. We each did three alternating miles, very challenging miles I might add. Emmy was there and so was Frank and his daughter Katie. After the relay Martha and I did a cool down through the park. Another 9 miler is on the schedule for tomorrow . I will get out the door no later than 5:40AM so I'm going to bed right now.

Week two 7/7/08

Tuesday-7.02 Mi AM 5.11 mi PM
Monday -Rest


CTmarathoner said...

good to see you last night hope you got your 9 miler in!!!!

Just_because_today said...

I actually envy you now. I wanted to do Hartford this year but I'll be lucky if I can train for Philly. Seems that your training is going well. Enjoy it, that is the whole idea

Dusty said...

I love relays - sounds like fun!! GREAT job!!!

rundangerously said...

what a night to run that relay!

are you going to the 7 miler tomorrow? hopefully better weather for that one :)

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Dawn ....wow you updated your Blog!!! Looks Great, I like the header!! also caught up on some of your posts.

MF --LOL too funny !!! I have said MF for 40 mins also in the past and good news is WE both kept moving forward too --haha

Keep up the great summer, your doing awesome!