Monday, June 30, 2008

should I dare say it out loud official marathon training begins this week. And I'm already not following the plan. My plan will take me to mid October. I have the ING Hartford in October and November 2, ING NYC marathon and Philly a week or two later . I will adjust my schedule accordingly. Life gave me a bowl of cherries and I'm going to run with it. (I have no idea why I added that:)

Have a great week everyone

Week one 6/30/08
Monday, 4.45 miles (rec/restday)


Christie said...

That's a whole lotta marathonin'. Good luck with training.

Kevin said...

I just started marathon training as well. Good luck.

Bob Gentile said...

I have no idea why I added that:)
LOL maybe you were hungry for some cherries :-)

I try hard Dawn to stick to my schedule BUT I do waiver and listen to my body...either by pushing it more or chillin' a bit.

I am not a big fan of sticking to a precise training regime and it's been working ok for me so far.

Just_because_today said...

3 marathons!!! Pretty ambitious. I might see you in Philly.

Sunshine said...

What a great autumn you will have!!
Best wishes for your training.. and be of good cheer: a training plan is just a plan. You will do what you need to.

Just12Finish said...

3 fall marathons on the schedule? I'm jealous!