Saturday, June 28, 2008

The good news is I ended my week with solid unofficial training and happy about that. The bad is I did not do very well at the Norwalk 5miler and it looks like this is my year of worst . I finished but I did not have a good race. Honestly it wasn't even the humidity. I just don't think I have what it takes to push it anymore. OK my one minute of wollering in self pity is over, this too shall pass.

I left the house later than I should have, picked up my bib at about 7:50 and had just enough time to dash in the bathroom. Saw Emmy we said hello. Got out just in time to walk over to the start. Don is very good at starting the races on time. I was in the back I'm usually in the middle when I start. I had a first good couple of miles it was the last few that kicked my butt. I walked to the finish line which is unheard of in my book. After the race I went to my car and grab my water and Gatorade and went around to the back of the school where it was much cooler and found the perfect spot under a tree with the most perfect swing, I was in heaven it took about ten minutes for me to cool down. I went around the front and caught part of the awards . I cheered for quite a few familiar faces, Emmy won her age group. I did catch a glimpse of Frank he was taking pictures.

I attempted to do the course again just to get more miles in. At first it seem much nicer than when we ran the race but maybe because I was going much slower. I was good getting to three miles but then it was allot of shuffle and walking for the next two I saw Don the race director on his way home he waved. There was a nice lady who had set up a table with water in front of her house during the race. What a wonderful treat that was, small cups with water & one ice cube!! . I was glad to see the table still there when I went by again. She wasn't there but I help myself to the water.

I went to the gym after, this time it really wasn't because I felt great and felt I need to expend any more energy. I just wanted to go and knew everyone would still be in bed and since my quest these days is to shed some pounds I went(by the way I'm down about 7lbs) . Spent very little time aerobic wise, kept glancing at the pool though I was so tempted. I think from now on I'm going to have an all purpose bag in my car with one of everything!!! would have been nice to have a swim suit!!. I did some weight training and left.

Stop at the vitamin shop and picked up some whey protein. I've decided to add that back to my work outs again, been thinking about it all week that I have'nt had protein shakes since 2003. I made a nice smoothie when I got home, by adding strawberries, blueberries and ice, very refreshing.

Below is a tally of my week 6/22: 66.41

Saturday: 5mi race 5 mi after weights at gym

Friday: 5.3miles Am (rested for 5miler pm)

Thursday: 4.37mi Am 4.5pm at gym heavy lifting

Wednesday: 5.02mi Am 5.42mi pm includes 8X400

Tuesday: 4.5mi AM: 3.0 miles PM (predicted time XC)

Monday: 5.48mi Am: 6.02mi pm( just could not pass up the evening)

Sunday: 13.1mi(Fairfield Half) gym time 40mins elliptical/heavy lifting


CTmarathoner said...

Dawn --I think you did really well considering your training schedule this week and considering that you did a 1/2 marathon 6 days ago --you are a racing machine --'bad' races will pass. I don't like sat a.m. races --it was fun ti see all the summer series regulars. Sorry didn't get the chance to talk to you -where did Frank find that watermelon he mentioned?? good luck on the 4th in whatever race you do!

Reese said...

I have to agree with ctmarathoner. And over 60 miles for the week? Geez, I'm trying to get up into the 50's. Congratulations on the weight drop, you're clearly on your way to acheiving your goals.

GB said...

You are doing some serious mileage. Could that be why you felt tired at the 5 miler? In any case, you crossed the finish line! That swing at the back of the school does sound great, and peaceful. You definitely are disciplined about your fitness... I won't set foot in the gym after a race and here you go and do weight training!!! Way to go, Dawn. And good job on the weight loss. :)

Bob Gentile said...

Good job Dawn you are logging some awesome miles and I think adding some protein is a great move...

My favorite Protein Drink and I tried a lot of different kinds is PRO-BLEND 55, it mixes quickly with just a shaker & water....also very tasty in the blender with fruit & lots of ice...

Google search it, you should get it for around $20 on sale... and all flavors are good...liking the mocha one a lot lately :-)

Happy Training Dawn, keep that focus!!

Neese said...

sorry the 5 miler didn't work out the way you'd hope. sounds like you are persevering though, and doing well with diet and continuing to workout, good for you, keep it up and keep making those healthy yummy smoothies!

Dusty said...

You don't have what it takes??? Heck no. Maybe you just need to mix up the training some or change up the races... but you still have it. Don't start believing it or you'll make it true... you have it, you just need to tweak to let it out again.

I do wonder if the mileage and races are beating your speed down - It seems you train for both 5Ks and marathons, which are opposite spectrums. Protein sounds like a good idea and maybe you just need that or some vitamins. Is your iron good?

Christie said...

I'm not surprised you lost some weight with all that running. I'd hurt myself if I ran twice a day.

Oh, I'm a big smoothie fan. I keep frozen berries on hand for those. I like to do strawberry, blueberry, banana, soymilk and hemp protein. Very, very tasty.

Jen in Budapest said...

You inspire me! Awesome. I'm going to keep trying to push it. I like your idea of having one of everything while on the go. Sometimes I want to do a certain workout on a whim and you're right - It would be nice to be ready for anything :D

Keep up the great work.

Just_because_today said...

Dawn, we all have those times, some more often than others. And no matter where you are in your training there is always going to be a down. Isn't that how life is? you get up and do it again and forget it was ever bad