Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I had another incredible day. I got out late this morning, screwing around with the computer. I did about 5 miles I did not get out at lunch :( but I did leave work at a decent time (5:15pm) to get home in time to cook and feed the boys. Because tonight was the first of the Waveny XC series.

Although in the mid's 70's today, this evening seemed chilly. These races are only $2.00 and never over 3 miles only when we do the age graded 5k. Tonight was tough. I started back with my Wednesday night group to get a head start on the trails, but I don't think anything could have helped tonight. This will take some time but I'm looking forward to the series. Tonight run was according to garmin 3.31 . We were told that it may be about 2.75.

Speed work on Wednesday

Tuesday: 5 Miles AM 3.31 Miles PM /Gym time -Upper body
Monday: 7.32 miles AM/1.5miles walk/ 3.01 miles PM/ Gym time (heavy lifting
Sunday: 3.00 miles race
Saturday: 10 miles AM


robtherunner said...

Sounds like your running is going well. I am looking forward to a few incredible days of my own.

bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

Your devotion to runnning is absolutely amazing. You just seem to go from one race to the next without any difficulty and I am always so impressed with your training.

Best of luck.

Dusty said...

trails... how fun. I wish there were more around here.

Hope you have a good speed workout. Tonight is my last one for a few weeks! I'm going to miss it.

Sunshine said...

A $2 mid-week race: a nice variety for the week.
Awesome You.