Monday, June 02, 2008

Time for me to make a note. I started the day well. I even got up and out of the bed a little earlier, didn't get out the door earlier though. I got in 7.32 miles at a very slow pace. I did the first half of the Norwalk Half, havn't done that route in ages and it felt good.
I'm glad I'm making a point to get out for lunch I got out again today. I think I'm going to have remove more than my suit jacket when I go out for a walk, its hard not to sweat. I going to have to change into a tee shirt.

tonight I came home played with the new computer by the way this is the second tower we are working on. First one came with loose parts, when they couldn't talk us through getting it up and running we were told we would get another one, and it came today.

I cooked dinner then went out at exactly eight and ran around the block for 3 miles. This was the fastest 3 miles I've done in my training run in ages beside the one I did with the group on Wednesday. I felt really good.

I couldn't miss another day at the gym without weight training haven't been since last Thursday. The Y closes at 9:00 so I only had about 25mins. Got there and went straight to work. Lifted heavy

I almost forgot I did the Run for Education on Sunday. The race was good I just can't say enough about the temp. Up to almost 75F. My time was worst than last years and I rushed off right after to get ready for Church.

oh dear its pretty late and I still have to clean up in the kitchen.

Monday: 7.32 miles AM/1.5miles walk/ 3.01 miles PM/ Gym time (heavy lifting
Sunday: 3.00 miles race
Saturday: 10 miles AM


Sunshine said...

You are doing so well.. Inspires me to read about your day.

Mir said...

I'm glad they sent the new computer...hopefully this is the end of computer woes for a while!

ReneeMc said...

Dawn, I still honestly don't know how you do it all!
I am bailing on the June 22 half to focus on NYC, methinks. One thing at a time!