Thursday, June 05, 2008

the weather been pretty good all week, I'm not looking forward to the 80's and 90's this weekend. Nothing much to say tonight, just updating my week . I seem to be getting back on track hurray and a few pounds down even a bigger hurray :)

Thursday: 6.25 Miles AM 30mins stepper,25 mine elliptical, some weights
Wednesday: 4.41miles AM 5.25 PM 4x800
Tuesday: 5 Miles AM 3.31 Miles PM /Gym time -Upper body
Monday: 7.32 miles AM/1.5miles walk/ 3.01 miles PM/ Gym time (heavy lifting
Sunday: 3.00 miles race
Saturday: 10 miles AM


Mir said...

Hurray!! :)

Dusty said...

Congrats on the pounds - I know that has been bugging you! You still look good in pics! :)

Jen in Budapest said...

you're an inspiration! Keep it up.

robtherunner said...

I am with you on shedding a few pounds. I think the heat would help me, but I know the torcher of running in it as well.

Just12Finish said...

Hi Dawn - still cranking out the miles I see. Wish I was like you! :-)

Jim said...

congrats on starying after it. I could definitely stand to lose more than a few myself!

You've been tagged. I hate this stuff too but fun to read what other people have to say. Go to my blog to get the 5 questions.