Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yesterday after dropping my son off at school I spent about twenty mins at the gym, did nautilus, mostly upper. Today beautiful morning, about 45f when I went out so no jacket require. I believe I was still recovering from Sunday's 25k very stiff but I managed to get through 5 miles. I went to the gym again today, did lower, not sure if it was a good idea but I'm pretty stiff right now. I truly believe Wednesday things will come together.


Mir said...

Hey Dawn, haven't had a chance to comment in a while but I've been reading. :) You're awesome, a 25K and then back out on the road almost right away. I'm sure you'll feel better today.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Do some nice slow recovery. You are awesome!!

Thanks for inspiration, as usual!

Sunshine said...

You are sounding so good!! Congratulations on the journey.