Monday, January 28, 2008

Just got back from seen mom. I'm very tire so I thought I'll do a quick update then head off to bed. I did a nice 11 miler on Saturday. Sunday nothing and it wasn't a bad day either. Today I got in 4.5 miles. A bit windy this morning but it wasn't too bad. Today I celebrated 5 years with my current employer. I can't believe five years have already passed. I was with my previous employer 22 years. Hoping to get out there first thing AM.

Happy running everyone!!


Sunshine said...

Congratulations on both counts: running and the work anniversary.
Appreciated hearing from you.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thanks for the kind words. You are always so kind. :D

Congrats on the anniversary and your running.

Bob Gentile said...

Nice job on ur 11 miler & Congrats on ur Job Anniversary.

So IS there a 50k Ultra Planned this year Yet Dawn?

Could be pretty cool to pic one then get focused on it and then DO It!

I know u will enjoy it and do great, keep us posted on when u pick one out & commit to it... No Pressure :-) well maybe a tiny little bit -lol

bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

Glad to hear all is well. 5 years is an awesome accomplishment in this day and age.