Thursday, January 31, 2008

Got home from work, still preparing dinner, then I'm off to see mom, thought I should post before I leave so I can go straight to bed when I get home (lets hope this happens). I actually felt good on my run this morning, I think it was because I had a good nights sleep. I've got to shed these pounds I've pack on . I'm still feeling them. Today I did 6.75 miles @ 10.02 with hills so not bad at all. Tuesday I got out and also and did 6.01@ 9.57 . Wednesday I slept in, I guess I really needed it because I could not dragg myself out bed. How the heck am I going to run a marathon in April with so little training?.

I hope everyon's week is going well.


robtherunner said...

You're a Maniac, Dawn! The marathon will be like coming home.

peter said...

You did 11 within the past week, you're on track for an April Marathon. Way to get out there and run. I ran in Denver with a fellow blogger Friday so I got in a little high-altitude training. I have a 7-day car trip underway out here now and it's so hard to run out of the car though. Lotta snow underfoot too.