Sunday, December 09, 2007

I was with my mom since last night and most of the day today, so I did not get my early morning run in. Got home a couple of hours before it was time for hubby to go to work. I decided not to waste another good day for running, so with about an hour to spare, out for a run I went.

I felt great, I was surprise to feel so strong after running the 10 miler yesterday. Did not need a coat again today. I wore tights, long sleeve, gloves and a hat, perfect for 38F. I did 5.41 miles @9:16. here are my splits. Things are really looking up for me.
1-9:00, 2-9:11, 3-9:22, 4-9:13, 5-9:31, .41-9.13
Total 5.41 @ 9.16 best pace 6:21


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Darling Dawn, do you want to submit an 8 mile split from your 10miler to our 8 on the 8th race?

Just thought I'd offer. :D


Alex said...

I am happy that you were able to get out for a run this morning. I find that some of my best runs that leave me feeling on top of the world are ones that I have to force myself to go on.

I am impressed that you got yourself to go out the day after a 10 miler... I would need at least a day before I hit the pavement again.

Keep it up,

Phil said...

I'm not going to hazard a comment on the NIKE ads, for anything I said would be taken wrong ... but you do crack me up.