Saturday, December 08, 2007

Race Report 8 on the 8th

I got a friendly reminder that I did not post my race report and since Nancy is such a great race director I do not want to let her done. As you can tell from my previous report I was not in race ready form the morning of the 8th, in fact I was down right lazy but I did get out the door and did 10 miles but only 8 of them counts for this race.
I believe that your body just automatically kick into a protective gear when it feels danger because I was very cautious when I first went out. After a few miles though things felt much better and I was able to relax. right about 2.5 miles I stop and removed my jacket and tied it around my waist. I took one of my favorite routes, although I did not put much thought into, I don't think I would have chosen it for a race though. Way too hilly. I do appreciate it in the end because I know working this hard now will help me later.
I have learned a few things from this virtual race experience, that I'm still a lousy race reporter and two not even a virtual race can get me to my race pace when I'm running by myself . I will make a real effort the next virtual race. I'm constantly being told that its mind over matter, we'll see.

here are my splits:
1-10:10 -caution
3-9:57 (hill)
5-9:48 (this was a hill
6-10:32 (huge Hill)
8-9:46 Total time- 1:19:04 for 8 on the 8th


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Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great job, Dawnie Girl. I added you into the results post. But, you know the point of virtual races is you get to PICK the route and not be at someone else's mercy. :D Next time, I will remind you to pick something flat. ;) just teasing you. I really can't avoid the hills around here.

Thanks for joining us.