Monday, December 10, 2007

Todays' run went well. I was ok with it, When I look back on my Garmin after the run I realized that I've ran almost 10 days in row and sometimes twice in one day with out a break. When things are going well I gues you tend to overdo it little although I could hardly call the miles I'm doing overdoing it. I did stop myself from going to the gym tonight because I know I would have hit the treadmill. Could I really call today a rest day?

I hate to say this out loud but I actually picked up the P book again. I'm thinking of taking a stab at it again. I think last year this time was when I had started, then I realized I should not have started in the winter months. Am I making the same mistake again. the only dif. I'm in a different mindset than last year and I didn't run 3 marathon in October and 1 in November like I did last year. This year I want to make the treadmill my friend so it might just work. We'll see.

12/10- 5.41 @9:58 miles the Hilly route

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robtherunner said...

What I would give to be able to run 10 days in a row. You lucky gal!