Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I was late getting out this morning I looked out the door before I went out, "oh good nice and dry, I could get a decent run in" out I went, windy but dry 20 mins into my run snow and wind, the roads were covered in a short time. Although very lite I was worried about slipping. I did about 4.5 miles and felt good. I went to the gym tonight and did another 3 that was all the time I had, I heard the announcement shortly after the 3 miles that the gym was now close.

I think that everyone knows by now that I'm a mile packer, I do it because I can, I do it because it makes me feel good. I do it because I love running and I prefer to do 8-10 miles in one stretch, the last two years my training runs have seen no improvements but I got out there regardless and logged the miles. My races were ok but no PR's since 2003, but I raced anyway and raced allot, my passion. And finally, because of determination, consistency and passion the clouds are starting to clear and I'm finally looking forward to some PR's. God thank you for this lovely Gift.

Week is going well so for:

12/3 -AM- 6.01 miles @ 9.57
PM-5.25 miles @ 8.47 (yes on treadmill :)
12/4- AM- 4.47 miles @9.53
PM-3.0 miles @8.34 (treadmill :)


Phil said...

Rock on Dawn. You are who you are and will always be a unique runner. You run because it makes you feel good and can run more marathons per year than I'll run in a life time. Keep up the inspirational performance.

Mir said...

I'm glad you can and will do what makes you feel good. That's what is most important after all! Those PRs will come, never fear. Your training runs have been going much better and the races will totally follow suit!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You are so dedicated. I love that you love it so much.

bill carter said...

I think you are probably a lot like me in that you just like to run period. I can tell you that the one thing I credit for faster times is speed work. I added it to my training last year and it has made a huge difference. I do interval training 2 days a week and so far have managed to not get injured... Try it and see if it helps or just keep enjoying what you are doing.
I like reading your stuff.

Christie said...

Running twice a day..now that's dedication.