Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The run this morning went well 5.41 miles @9.53 my first mile was a 9:20, all my first miles since the turn around have been about a 9:30 - 9:35. Just about a month ago I was happy with a 10.35 and a few months back I was lucky to break 11:00 my first mile in my training runs. I know I shouldn't really dwell on pace all the time but when you are finally doing what you wished you were doing all along and you see that there maybe a chance that you might be doing what you use to do 8:30 to 9:00 min training runs again, just make me crazy in a very good way. I hope what I just said made sense. I know someone out there understands.

I did not make it to the gym tonight. I was dress just did not get out the door. I think I lifted a little heavy this morning and I was working lower, so I decided to rest tonight.

Someone at the gym mention to me today that someone else said I got a butt. I think that they expect me to have no butt since I run so much. I know I've gained some weight but come on haven't they ever seen the NIKE butt commercial!!! I'll let this one pass. The best compliment I got once was during a 30k race the women running behind me saying OMG your butt don't jiggle!! that made my day.


Dusty said...

That is so awesome about your first mile! Congrats! You are tiny, nothing could jiggle on you!

Love2Run said...

Paces will come and go but if you're consistent then the improvements come without even trying. Hang in there!

bill carter said...

You are definitely making great progress when you look at your splits... that is really all we can ask for as we get older. I do get what your saying, and think you will definitely get back to those 8:30s. Best of luck.

Bob Gentile said...

So Glad you have a BUTT!

ummm and ur BUTT don't jiggle-lol

Enjoy ur runs this weekend & umm ur Butt :-)

peter said...

I laughed reading the comment you received during your 30K race about not jiggling. That's why we do this (I know, speak for myself). A girlfriend once told me I had a bowling ball butt. I liked that comment so much I went out and did another hill workout.