Monday, September 10, 2007

In My Weakess Moment

Yes, in my weakess moment, I belted out my frustration after running what I felt was a very disappointing race. Yes, I was feeling blue, and was not thinking with my heart because that is where you would find the truth. My passion for running will never end ,I am a lifer, I run to live . I want to thank all of you for reminding me that this is deeper than what the time clock says.

I'll leave this with all of you from one of my favorite race the Leatherman's loop:

LEATHERMAN BLESSINGTo help enhance your experience, today – to appreciate the beauty all around you – here is a simple meditation/mantra adapted from the Navajo and Irish traditions. Say it as you run, it will give strength to your legs and courage to your heart.

Beauty before me as I run
Beauty behind me as I run
Beauty below me as I run
Beauty above me as I run
Beauty beside me as I run
Beauty within me as I run.
I see beauty all around.
In beauty may we walk.
In beauty may we see.
In beauty may we all be.


Bob Gentile said...

well said Dawn ...some good words from Leatherman ...I will take that & put in my quote file, good stuff & thanks for sharing :-)

Thomas said...

You know, Dawn, nobody seriously imagined you to quit. You of all people! I can't ever see you stopping.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

That's our girl!! :) We knew you wouldn't quit, but it's still our jobs to lift you back up. Glad you are back.

ReneeMc said...

Thanks for posting that blessing. I want to put it somewhere to have it on my long run on Sunday -- that way I won't forget why I do this.

Dawn, you know it's cheesy, but you've helped me improve and run more so much. We all have our moments. I'm glad we can help you with yours.

Dusty said...

Bob's comment on the last post was right on. I was thinking it later too. It may seem backwards, but a lot of times the best way to speed up is to let up. Don't train your body to go slow - give it a break, toss in some speed work and get those fast twich muscle fibers reved up!

You CAN'T quit - the racing systems in New York would collapse without all your entry fees!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very nice refrain, but I doubt I could ever remember the whole thing...especially when I'm running.

DawnB said...

thanks everyone you all make perfect sense. This will not go unheard!!! Remember when I had my hydration problem I took all your advice!!so this is another step in the right direction!!

GB said...

Dawn, I feel ya'. I know exactly what you meant in this post. Running IS so much deeper than what the clock says and thank you for reminding me. Thanks also for the blessing. It's wonderful!