Sunday, August 05, 2007

Week round-up

Just my thoughts: If I had ran the NYC Half today it would have been 93F with 100% humidity!!! I save the day by not running!!! Why spoil the day for 10,000 runners!!! :)

Another good week for me, I did XC on Tuesday night, Wednesday I did some speed work and Saturday I did the Westport 5.85miler. So I'm sticking with this for as long as it last. I haven't done hill work in two weeks now, so this week I should add a session. I do try to

keep my runs as hilly as possible on most days. I did not put much effort in my long run again this week :(. I need some gym time again, I started when I was working out with my son, now he doing his own thing, so now I really have to make an effort to get some strength training on the schedule.

Monday 7/30: 4.37miles easy/rest day
Tuesday 7/31: 12.64miles 10.02miles AM 2.64miles pm XC
Wednesday 8/1: 15.98miles 8.36miles AM 7.62 miles PM w/hills AM/ speed/pm
Thursday 8/2: 3.5 miles
Friday 8/3 7.02miles
Saturday 8/4 11.26miles 5.89AM race 5.37pm
Sunday 8/5 11.02 miles (goof off)


Neese said...

girl, my name isn't renee, it's not even my nickname LOL

nice weekly mileage!

Robert said...

65.8 miles??? Holy cow!

Phil said...

You are still putting in an insane number of miles Dawn. My hat's off to you.

Dusty said...

You took a break and didn't run a race? I guess the race was too short as I see you ran a 10K + 5 miles. Great job on the mileage last week! You inspire!!

robtherunner said...

Nice job on the mileage. I think we have somewhat similar running patterns with the amount of doubles we do when we are trying to get in mileage. I don't know how people who run high mileage do it on 1 run per day. Thanks for reminding me about the NYC half. I need to go check the elite results.

Love2Run said...

You're so considerate in not running the 1/2 but I'm still in shock that you didn't... Great week!

ReneeMc said...

Great mileage, again! When's your next big race? (I could just check the sidebar, but with increased mileage comes more laziness.)

As for soda, I wasn't really planning to use it for any hydrating purpose, but I was fantasizing about a Coke for about 5 miles and then had to run in the McDs to use their bathroom and came out with a soda. The sugar and caffeine really pepped me up but so did only have 3 or so miles left!

Thomas said...

There was a race and you didn't run it? Oh My God! I can't believe it.

Bob Gentile said...

TOTAL : 65.79 MILES...another awesome week logged...I am thinking ULTRA running is in ur future but ya can't do them races every week--lol

~concrete angel~ said...

Good for you for not running a race that would likely be a suffer fest (it's not like you haven't raced at all) it all for the sub-4 marathon I'm fully expecting this fall!!!!!!!