Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thunder Storm then Heat Wave

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What a Wednesday, couldn't go out because a thunder Storm was going so when I finally decided to get my ass out of bed I headed for the gym was able to do 6.25 on the treadmill.
I must report it wash not as bad as I had anticipated and I ran like 9min miles the whole time so that was a big plus. Can I finally call this a Tempo? :0)
I must report again that I decided to was two more of my sneakers!! They were really muddy and as you can tell I don't throw out my sneakers as soon as I stop wearing them. There is a nice spot my hubby created in the basement where he throws them. They came out perfect again and looks like I can get another 300 miles out of each of them. So it would seem that I use the muddy and dirty excuse to buy new ones. Lets just say this will not happen again!!!

My week so far:

8/6/07 Monday: 8.10 miles ( can't keep saying rest day)
8/7/07 Tuesday: 10.32 miles 8.26 Am 2.2 PM (XC)
8/8/07 Wednesday: 11.61 miles 6.25 AM 5.79 PM , trial w/speed at track


Anonymous said...

hi! i was learning about energy drinks and i found your site - it's awesome :) i'm a beginner when it comes to running, but i think i am getting addicted. how long did it take for you to be able to run 10 miles?

Tom said...

I think Accelerade is increasing as a viable drink. Sure go ahead and call it a tempo run. You're getting in some good running these days when others can't beat the heat. Spouses can't assess our readiness for new shoes like we can.

Bob Gentile said...

Dawn Said:They came out perfect again and looks like I can get another 300 miles out of each of them
LOLOL Geesh what kind of detergent u use that adds new soles --haha

Glad the Accelerade is working
for ya !!

ReneeMc said...

Sometimes we need the treadmill for the tempo.
Nice job, Dawn! Smoking fast!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I'm about to hit the treadmill myself. Hope it goes as well as yours. I actually went out in a storm the other day, the lightning scared the crap out of me and the downpour got to my iPod. Not good, but I still tried to enjoy it.

Geesh, I am looking at your miles. I'm not worthy. Hope you take a rest soon.

robtherunner said...

Nice running, Dawn!

marathena said...

Shoes are an integral part of who we are!! Consider them an extension of our passion. Only you know when to retire an old pair of shoes!! Haha. Looks like some serious training!! Keep up the good work.

I agree the Accelerade is a great drink.

Dusty said...

I will give the accelerade a try!

OK - glad you are salvaging your sneakers (I will wash mine today because of your post!) but do keep an eye on the tread and give of the sole - you put in a lot of miles and don't hurt yourself with a shoe that is worn out (but still looks pretty).

I think it counts as a tempo!