Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Speed work with the group

I did my hill work out this morning. Humidity and all the repeats went well, all the same hills and about the same miles. I'm really happy bout this. Today after work I went to the track to do my first speed work in ages with the group. Not may people there tonight and no one my in my group!! We did our loop around the park on the trail!! I was at least 30 seconds behind the group which was OK with me. The loop around the park is about 2.55 this is usually the warm up. Tonight the group was doing 2X800, 6X400 & 1X800. Well I'm glad I did the warm up as that was speed work in itself for me. 2.55 miles @ about 9.30 to 9.45 pace I could never have done that on my own. managed to get through 2X800 and 1X100 by that time I was soaked from the rain and that was the extent for speed work this week, it felt good to be back and hoping next week will be better. I will try for a tempo run tomorrow, then Friday a very easy longish run because on Saturday I do the Norwalk 7 miler!! then end the week with my long run.

7/12-Wednesday 12 miles :2x7 hill repeats 2.55trail 2X800 1X400
7/10 Tuesday 10.55 miles
7/9 Monday 3.01 @10.02 (rest day)


Dusty said...

You've been putting in some hard workouts - good for you!! Have a great tempo run tomorrow!

Phil said...

Good to see you hitting the hills and the track big-time. Great run Dawn.

ReneeMc said...

Great workouts. Tell me about doubling up in a day. That's amazing. I was thinking of it today, but then I did yoga yesterday and now I can't move so I am not going to.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the Norwalk 7 miler.