Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another week

My week went well, except of course my tempo run!!! not once did go under a 10 min pace closet was 10:03. My tempo should have been out of the eight miles 5 at 9:01 by myself this is very difficult. I guess I could use the Norwalk 7 miler as my tempo run I believe I average 9:05 pace and at least 3 to 4 miles 8 -8:30 pace. My final time was 1:03:15 I may have drank too much fluids, as this was the first time I ever felt my stomach swishing around. When I ran a few hours later I was fine. I don't think this is an easy course. Although there was no humidity, it was pretty hot Saturday morning. I will not give up on this though so, onward I move . Somehow I will be able to do a tempo run on my own like I use to.

I was a volunteer at the 7 miler handing out bibs before the race. This time the first thing I did was put my bib on. Then with about 10 mins to go Monica gave me the OK to leave. I used the rest room then tried to do a bit of a warm, but I'm afraid it was too late for that.

I'm worried about my Sunday long runs,I got out early today so that was good. I may be doing too much during the week. I was feeling better than last week. Today I only did 16 miles because I ran out of time. I was ask to join a few weeks ago and with that I received a 30 day supply of accelerade. When I came home from the race on Saturday they were delivered. I'm glad to be trying this product and of course I will report on it on there site and mine.

Today is Kelly 14th Birthday!!! Happy birthday Kelly!!!

7/15-Sunday 16.55 miles @ 11.01 pace
7/14-Saturday 11.34 miles 7 @ 9.05 pace 4.34 @ 10:40 pace
7/13-Friday6.56 miles (cut it short)
7/12-Thursday 9.02 miles @10:31 pace
7/11-Wednesday 12 miles :2x7 hill repeats 2.55trail 2X800 1X400
7/10 Tuesday 10.55 miles
7/9 Monday 3.01 @10.02 (rest day)

Week total: 69.03 miles


ReneeMc said...

Happy birthday Kelly!

You're mileage is crazy, Dawn! I can't believe you saw people out running at noon. I felt like a moron finishing my run at 10am.

I am looking forward to your reviews of Accelerade. I was thinking trying it, because I am seriously lacking in the protein department. I am experiencing extreme muscle fatigue way too early in my runs.

robtherunner said...

I find it much easier to use races for tempo runs, but it certainly is beneficial to be able to do them on your own, however not easy. Nice week!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Week Dawn and way to keep that pace consistent the whole way during that race... Very Nice!!

Happy B-Day Kelly:-)

Dusty said...


I giggled when I heard you put on your bib first - good job!

I can't get over your mileage!! You rock!! Sure, count the race as tempo! It can be hard to go hard when you are alone.

good luck with the Accelerade.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Happy birthday, Kelly!

I hate that sloshing feeling in the stomach. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it sucks!

Let us know how the Accelerade works out. I'm still a Gatorade devote, but I'm always on the lookout for something better.

Love2Run said...

I dread the tempo runs too but they usually turn out OK once started. Only 16 miles? That's still great mileage and the speed will come as you hold your base up. Let us know how the new drink works. I'm a gatorade man too.