Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yes yes yes

I did it!!! the dreaded mid week so call medium long run!!! cold I say cold, cold, cold. I was chilled to the bone or to the finger tips. I thought they were going to fall off after I got back in the house and they started thawing.

The run started with my Garmin dying at about 2.5 miles not because of batteries. I'd changed them before I left. I believe it was just too cold. When I went out this morning it was 3F. When I returned it was 9F according to the sign that displayed near my house.

I did an out and back. I've use this route many times for a long, run. So when the Garmin died. Based on previous times and how I was running this morning. I ran out for 1 hour 20 mins. And you will not believe me when I say I forgot to put on my reflective vest!!! did not discover until this point!!! When I got back I felt I had too much still there. So I added the mile loop around my block. I just wanted to be sure.

I went to the track tonight, don't ask me why? crazy I guess and of course it was still cold now about 26F with winds. I started slowly around the track. I started to feel pretty good. Then I began to worry, maybe I did not do 14 miles + this morning so trotted it out for about 4.5 miles. I'm pretty sure I could have done more. I went back and check my Garmin history just to compare my previous times. I can positively say that I did all my required miles today.

Monday: Rest or cross train (went to the Gym)
Tuesday: GAS 9.4 mi W/10X100m Strides @9.41 pace
Wednesday: 15mi 2.47hrs @about 11:26 PM: 4.43 mi @9:56 pace


Bob Gentile said...

WOW what a awesome workout day for you!! especially with the weather--burrrrr... I looked at ur site this morning around 10am and it was windchill 7 degrees :-0

I think u can start training for ULTRA runs...You have GOOD Grit to get it done plus some!

olga said...

This is a great day, Dawn! I love mideum runs, they don't kill as long once yet still give more satisfaction than shorter outings.

robtherunner said...

Great job Dawn! I am jealous of the mileage you are putting in. I long for the day when I can do the same. Keep it up.

Phil said...

Really nice day Dawn. Those medium-long runs are the toughest part of the Pfitz paln. You've got to get out there so darn early to finish up before the rest of the family stirs - and you're doing it in very cold weather.

Congratulations. Now you know you can get through this program..

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, you're nuts. In a good way! Glad that medium run went well. It's supposed to be freezing this weekend, and windy. Oy!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You know it is just too cold when even your Garman is bagging the run early. I'm very impressed with your toughness. Keep it up!