Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week Round up

I finished up my week with a 18.6 long run.The first half was The Boston Buildup 15k then I did the course again alone. This was an extremely tough week for me but some how I made it through. My Garmin101 have not been working very well, it keeps shutting off during my runs. I have been using it for about two years now. I think its time for me to get the upgraded one. I need a new heart rate monitor also so I'm going to treat myself to the Garmin 305. This will not require the batteries and I believe it will solve my problems.

This weeks' training:

Monday: Rest or cross train (went to the Gym)
Tuesday: GAS 9.4 mi W/10X100m Strides @9.41 pace
Wednesday: 15mi 2.47hrs @about 11:26 PM: 4.43 mi @9:56 pace
Thursday: 6.02mi rec @10:38
Friday: 12.4mi MLR @11:15
Saturday: 10.5mi rec 10:40 pace
Sunday: 18mi LR 9.3mi @9:23 pace 9.3 miles @10:43 pace


Love2Run said...

You're doing so well sticking to the tough plan. I've had the Garmin 301 for awhile and like it. Most same features and 1/2 the price. Good luck next week.

Feminist Runner said...

You're definitely hanging tough there, Dawn! Hopefully the plan will get easier before it gets harder? I say this hesitantly because, well, you know how plans are...

Bob Gentile said...

Great Job Dawn !! Your doing Awesome!!

Thomas said...

That's some solid mileage, you're doing very well indeed. If you can sustain this, you will come on in leaps and bounds this year.

Dusty said...

If anyone has earned a new toy for running - it is certainly you!

Are you getting one of the square ones? I think they weigh even less. I have a 301, but it is a big recgangle. I think the square ones do your pulse off the unit, you don't have to wear one of those bands around your chest.

Phil said...

Saw you had your HR posted in your log today. Someone must have a new toy. You should be able to do much better gauging appropriate pace with the HR monitor info available.

Have fun with the rest of the week.