Sunday, January 28, 2007

Long Week

Wow, what a long week this have been for me. Temperatures was below zero a few days this week. This morning I was turned around because of the sheet of black ice that covered the roads. I decided to wait until after church and see what happens. By then the ice was gone and the sun was shining so onward I went to get this week's long run of 17miles in. I didn't fully complete the Medium long runs because of time on Wednesday but I did go to track with the group we covered a little over seven miles and on Friday the temperatures dipped below zero after 10 miles I had to come in out of the cold, yes I wimped out on that one. But I made up the miles on Saturday not the same but sometimes we just have to do what we can. This week's review:

Monday:Rest or X train Actual: 40 mins Elliptical
Tuesday:10 mi w/5m @ 15k-Half Actual: 10.25mi @10.38 pace
Wednesday: 15M MLR Actual:11.5mi @ 10.22 pace AM 7.01mi @10.12 pace pm
Thursday:5 miles REC Actual: 5.1 mi @ 9:51pace
Friday: 13 mile MLR Actual: 10.2mi @ 10:31 pace
Saturday: 5 mi REC Actual: 8.1mi @9:59pace
Sunday: 17 mi LR Actual:18.6mi @10:50pace

PS: I did get my new Garmin 305 !!!! I am very pleased with it. I love it!!!


Bob Gentile said...

Dawn AMAZING to me that you get those runs in on all those REALLY COLD Days... GREAT JOB!!! Enjoy your NEW Garmin!

Thomas said...

That's a pretty good week, keep at it. I've had problems with ice myself a few days ago, but the temperatures have risen again, and the roads are safer now.

olga said...

Was it below zero in F or C? Because C sounds more horrible. Either way you had a great week.

Love2Run said...

Nice week! The Garmin is fun but can get a little distracting at 1st during the run. Keep up the great work!

Feminist Runner said...

Nice week -- the weather has been terrible, but I guess we've just been waiting on it.
Be careful with the ice.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You have the heart of a lion and the spirit of a champion to be putting in all of that mileage in those conditions. Great job!!

mtnrunR said...

You might already know this but one way to keep traction under you is to screw your shoes. Really. Use 1/2" sheet metal screws in various areas on your shoes both heel and toe. Better than Yak Traks I think. Then when the ice is gone you just reverse them out with the drill. Can't hardly tell and they don't ruin your shoes.

One idea if you don't have anything. I've used this in 50k's in the winter and I loved it.

Good luck,tom