Monday, January 15, 2007

And the 3rd week begins

Today an official rest day I slept in, then went to the gym hoping to see some of my morning buds. Saw one or two but not all. Didn't over do it too much, did the elliptical w/arms then the nautilus. I am embarking on my third week of the P plan and this week I hope to incorporate some MP within my MLRs and LR.

Monday: Rest or cross train
Tuesday: GAS 9 mi W/10X100m Strides
Wednesday: 14mi MLR
Thursday: 5mi rec
Friday: 12mi MLR
Saturday: 5mi rec
Sunday: 18mi LR


Phil said...

Good luck this week Dawn. Nice gym workout this morning.

mtnrunR said...

I read you're bio. Wrestlers huh?

Well, as I rounded the track finishing my first 100 at States the anouncer said "can you believe an ex-wrestler is finishing his first 100?" So, don't worry your boys may end up being runners yet.

tom riley

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, I am so cheering for you after I finish the More Half. Which I hope is before you finish the full marathon! With all this intense training, I worry you might beat me.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with week #3. Stay ahead of the game and get out early. That's often the hard part.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Lots and lots of mileage. Good job!

olga said...

The training log looks fantastic, and I am sure you pulled through the 14 miles just fine!
And for ultra - you just wait, you need someone to drag you there, and you fall in love instantly:)