Sunday, January 14, 2007

Humble pie I say Humble pie

I finished my second week of the P plan and I'm still alive. I've tried to put in some really hard effort but it just don't seem to be working. I'm still in a very slow pace training run mode. Please don't tell me its mind over matter. For the most part this week I've felt wonderful out there. I haven't felt like I'm dragging along on my runs so why the hell won't my mind push me to move my legs a little faster when they so feel like they can, what is holding me back. My first few years of running I was able to go out and say OK "I'm going to do 13 miles and I want to get it done in less than two hours" or "I'm going to run this 3 mile loop and I want to do it in 25mins". I feel fine and I don't think I've changed much the last few years, so what is going on. I wouldn't be so upset if I was just 1 min over my race pace in any of my training runs but when I can't even push myself enough to run MP for a few miles out of a long run that's the real killer of dreams!!!. I'm determine to stick with this to the end. I finished this week with a little over 67 miles.

My seventeen miles turned into twenty one today. The course was not easy lots of rolling hills and some big ones too. My last two miles I was eating humble pie I force myself to give it one last kick to get under 4:00hrs for the 21 miles . Then when it was over I forced myself to walk another mile which took almost 25 mins. I did bring my water bottle with me this time and although there was a light drizzle my whole run I made it home with not a drop in the bottle.

Next week my sole goal is try to incorporate some MP pace miles during the MLR and the LR. I going to kick my minds' butt into making me do it :). I hope..

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 9.12 mi w/4 @15K/half pace @9:20pace
Wednesday: 11.1 mi@10:17paceAM PM 4.12 miles @10:14 pace
Thursday: 5.35mi rec @10:30 pace
Friday: 12.52mi @10:41 pace
Saturday: 5 mi rec @ 10:10 pace
Sunday: 21.2 Mi@11:23 pace


Love2Run said...

Hey Dawn,
Don't be so hard on yourself. 21 miles is 21 miles but why did the extra 4? In training mode when your body, legs, mind are all being worn down to the limit you just have to hang in there. It will come, you just have to 'trust' the plan. Take care!

Phil said...

Dawn ... can't say it any better than Mike. Trust the program and don't cheat on the way up the mileage curve during the plan.

Also ... you're getting in the longer distances and just starting to work on your LT and VO2max. It will come.

robtherunner said...

Ditto what Mike said as well. You're doing the work Dawn. It will all pay off with time. Nice job!

Feminist Runner said...

4 extra miles? No, Dawn! Stay strong! I don't know anything about training, so listen to what the other guys said.
Are you still thinking of running More? I just registered for the half. Hopefully, I too will have come out of the pace doldrums by then.

Bob Gentile said...

ummm just a newbie here so really not any good advice other then I BELIEVE your pace will increase as you keep up the trainings :-)

and Dawn u are doing what 98% of America is not doing so don't be that hard on yourself... get back to enjoying the ride!!