Friday, September 22, 2006


I'm really glad its Friday, I get to relax and be myself, take off all the mask I wear during the week. Had a nice run this morning. Got home earlier than usual the weather was beautiful so I went out for a short jolt around the neighborhood, then a nice 1.4 miles of just walking and listening to my mp3. Just what I needed to shake the day off.

September 22, 2006
7.6 miles @9.45

5.02 miles @10:15 pm
1.4 miles walk


robtherunner said...

There's nothing like a run to shake things off and clear the mind. I agree that is nice as well to walk a bit on the run and just relax before heading home. All though I have not done much of that lately.

Phil said...

Great time of the year for a nice relaxing walk.

Feminist Runner said...

I love a nice walk after I run. I've started to build in mileage so that I can do a walk after (very brief, though!)
Hope you have a great weekend! Are you really not racing?