Saturday, September 23, 2006

Support Or Troops 5k

I signed up for this race to Support Our Troops, to support a track group member who is also in this reserve unit, I believe he holds the rank of Captain. He serve in Iraq for about a year. I signed up for this race because my husband and myself are both veterans. We served in the Army more than 20yrs ago. We were married about a year before my term ended.

All these are wonderful reasons to run a race. But it took me forever to actually leave the house this morning. It was raining, a 5k that was almost 30 miles away. As I drove I thought about turning around. I kept driving and eventually made it to the race. Only the 2nd year for the race. Not many people showed up, less that 100. The course, not bad there was a turn around point at about mile 1.5. So this is how far I have to travel to get a age group place. Not all the fast 40-49 years old women that I race with weekend upon weekend was at this race today. In fact, of the top three women two was forty. I would have still gotten third. I felt pretty good during the race. My first mile on the mile marker clock(yes they had one) was 7:26 way too fast for me. But I managed to pull through, not my best 5k not my worst. 10 miles was on my schedule today and I was feeling guilty if I were to blow it off. So I went out about 5:00 pm and put in some more miles and added 1 walked miles.

September 23, 2003
5k race 1= 7.51
3.1 miles @8.09 pace

7.55 miles pm @10:55 pace (ate too much)

1.0 walked miles


Phil said...

Hey ... an 8:09 avg pace works out to something close to 25:30. This isn't too bad for a nasty raining day without a lot of competition. Had you had a few more of the usual suspects in the race along with better running conditions, you would have done even better.

Nice week altogether. You still race way more than I could ever handle, but it's working for you. I hope next week goes as well.

DawnB said...

Thanks Phil, Sorry I didn't say the rain stop when I got to the race and started again during the award ceremony. My official time was 25:14( I got 1st place in my age group because the two women got overall 1st & 2nd. If they had't done it that way I would have been 3rd. with only seconds to spare. Its a rare, rare very rare occasion. :)