Thursday, September 21, 2006

34-8 Greenwich

Just got in from my son's game against Greenwich. They lost but they are looking good for the rest of the season. I'm thinking this maybe their only lost. 34-8 Greenwich

Nice run this morning I picked up the pace but not as fast as I wanted to I guess it iss understandable after yesterday hard work out I average a little under ten mins. Better than what I have been doing. Was able to do about 8.4 miles today.

September 21, 2006

8.4 miles@ 9.52

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Phil said...

Hey ... you're leaving comments and posting new material faster than I can read it all. Everywhere I go, I'm about 5 mintues behind you.

Good run this morning. The sub 10 mile pace must have felt good. I wouldn't fret too much about pushing your easy pace down 9:00. That will come as you improve your times on your speed work outs. As you get stronger, you'll find a new groove that just feels good and you'll find yourself running faster. Keeping your daily mileage in the 8 to 10 mile range will also help. Your body needs to recharge within 24 hours in preparation for the next run. As long as you're getting up in the morning feeling refreshed and your legs feel like they could run another mile at the end of easy workout you'll be doing just fine.