Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bigelow Tea 5K

Against my better judgment I did this race today. What compel me I don't know. It was hotter and more humid than yesterday so you can almost tell were this is leading. Ok I thought I had never run this race before. And since my son's football game was reschedule until 12:00pm. We went to the early service for church. Did not get out until 9:15 the race was at 10:10 I figure I had time to get there. If I got there to register on time then I would run the race. Turned out I had gotten there just as they ere packing up the entry forms. I had already completed one that I had down loaded. All they need to do was hand me a bib and write my bib number on the application. Any the rest is history race started pretty much on time. As we started I'm like why would I do this to myself today. Well we learn from our mistakes. Still not my best and not my worst 5k.
PS: Kelly's team the Titans played against the Packers, they loss their first game 6-0.

September 24, 2006
Bigelow tea5k
1st= 7:41
3rd =8:44
2004 results
thinking of adding some miles today. I need to


Absolutely FIT! said...

That's an awesome 5k time! You rock! I'd love to be under 30 minutes!

Phil said...

Dawn ... Looks like you took off a bit fast on the first mile ... but recovered nicely. All in all, I'd say you did very very well considering you ran a 5k yesterday also.

Have a great week running ... have you decided if there a specific race you'd like to target?

Feminist Runner said...

Dawn, you are a racing machine! How many 5Ks can you run in a weekend, missy?