Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still Being Good?

I went to the Gym this morning. Haven't been for months. Did the elliptical w/arms for 30 mins. Did 2 miles on treadmill just below a 9 min pace. Thursday I will do 5 miles I'm looking to do 2 at about 8:50 pace. I'm feeling good, but tired. I'm planning on being in bed by nine. I've been eating well but not hydrating enough. I need to pay more attention to this for the next two days.

September 6, 2006
30 mins elliptical w/arms
2 miles (treadmill)


Jim said...

Dawn . . . you are such an animal why are you on the treadmill??? I absolutely hate the machine. Granted, it is convenient during a thunderstorm but to do it just because it is there?

Congrats on the back to back races. Either you are much, much tougher than me or you're just plain old crazy (as we say in Alabama).

Wishing you luck with all your training.

BTW, I've added you blog as a link on my site!

Phil said...

Dawn ... nice going on your mini-taper. Good luck this weekend. I hope the mojo helps. At least I know it's in good hands.