Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm doing it. One more day

I did the five miles today and nothing more. Started slow picked it up for about 2.5 miles finished easy. Rest day Friday!!!

September 7, 2006

5 miles



Phil said...

Good luck Dawn, I believe you're going to have a great race. Your body will want to take off on you for the first few miles since you've relaxed for the last 5 days, reign it in a bit for the first 6 miles and knock everyones socks off on the home stretch.

I'm looking forward to reading the race report when I get linked back up on Sudnay night. I might be able to cheat a bit and read it Sunday morning if my Black Berry is getting descent reception.

Love2Run said...

Enjoy the rest day and good luck with the race. The 1/2 is my favorite race distance, you can run hard but and the distance doesn't kill the legs like the marathon does. Enjoy!

robtherunner said...

Good luck at the half marathon.